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This license agreement and general conditions (" Terms & Conditions") identify the rules on the basis of which the company Global Cyber Security Center (hereinafter "we") provides access to the website https: //www.certrating. it and https://www.certrating.com . The site provides a tool CERTrating which allows users to measure the level of maturity of the CERT and its services.
Please read these conditions carefully before proceeding with the navigation of the site. Submitting acceptance of the terms and conditions of use through the Site (now or in the future) implies acceptance by users.

Each operation is fully compliance with the EU provisions of Data Protection under EU Regulation 679/16 (also known as RGPD).

The site can be reached from any internet browser.

GCSEC reserves the right to modify these Site Terms and Conditions over time by modifying the forecasts shown on this page. In the event that the user does not accept the new conditions of the site, he is required not to use the services provided by the site. It is recommended to print a copy of these site conditions for future reference.

The use of personal data transmitted through the Site is governed by the “Privacy Policy” section on the site: https://www.certrating.it and https://www.certrating.com.

For clarity, any reference to the "Site" contained in these Site Conditions includes all current or future versions of the website https://www.certrating.it and https://www.certrating.com as well as any application future mobile CERTrating through which you have access to, and use, the CERTrating Site, regardless of whether, in either case, access is through a future platform or device (including , (not exhaustive example) , any mobile site, mobile application, affiliate or related site for access to and use of the CERTrating Site eventually developed or modified over time).

Visiting the Site or part of it does not constitute acceptance by users of these Site Conditions and, in the event of failure to sign the terms, invites not to use the services offered by the Site and not to use the tool through the Site.


2.1. Acceptance of the Site Terms & Conditions: browsing in any area of the Site implies acceptance of the Site Conditions, Users who do not accept the Site Conditions are required not to use the services offered by the Site and not to use the tool through the Website itself.

2.2. Changes to the Site Conditions: CERTrating has the right to change these Site Terms at any time, therefore the user is required to periodically check the Site Conditions in effect at the time of use.

2.3. Responsibility: It is up to visitors and users of the Site to prepare as necessary to access the Website. In addition, visitors and users of the Site are required to ensure that all those who have access to the Site through their account and their connection to the Internet are aware of these Site Terms and abide by them.


3.1. To take advantage of the features of the Site, Users must register by providing, truthfully and completely, all the data requested in the relevant registration form (name, surname, e-mail, company) accept the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions in their entirety.

3.2. The User is responsible for keeping his / her login credentials (user and password) which must be used exclusively by the User and cannot be transferred to third parties. The user undertakes to keep them secret and to ensure that no third party has access to it and to immediately inform the Data Controller if he suspects or becomes aware of any improper use or improper disclosure of credentials.

3.3. The User guarantees that the personal information provided during the registration procedure is complete and truthful and undertakes to keep hold the Owner free from any claims and damage, indemnity and / or penalty resulting from and / or in any way connected to User violations on the registration on the Site or on the preservation of credentials.

3.4. The User can access the services of the CERTrating Site after registering according to a wizard automatically generated.
In any case, GCSEC or the browser does not automatically save the credentials for accessing the first entry, but instead asks the User with an appropriate icon, to save credentials for future access.

3.5. However, the Contact section is always active for further explanations and / or information on the conclusion of the registration or any other related request.


4.1 The registered User can interrupt the use of the Site at any time and deactivate his account. He could ask the deletion of his account with consequent cancellation of his personal data.


5.1. Permitted use: the user is allowed to use the Site as well as to print and download from the Site extracts of the Site for personal use not having commercial purposes.
The User has the non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, free and indefinite duration right to use the tool.
The copyright and all other intellectual property rights relating to the Site, including the material published in them (such as graphic images) are the exclusive property of GCSEC and of all those subjects that have license agreements with the company.
The ownership of the data and the information entered in the use of CERTrating is exclusive to the User. GCSEC, in order to guarantee the conditions and functionality of the Tool, will be able to analyze and aggregate the data entered in the system as well as create customized statistics. It is renewed here that the data present in the system are pseudo-anonymized with the guarantee of distribution of the data in the entire IT architecture of the Tool. For more info Privacy Policy.
However, the User is always invited to use the Site correctly, avoiding software piracy or informatic data extraction.

5.2. In compliance with national and international legislation on intellectual property: The User agrees not to provide, copy, resell, republish or generally make available in any form and any content, data, information or element received from CERTrating and available on the CERTrating site, to other individuals or legal entities of any country. The User agrees to comply with the provisions on intellectual property.

5.3. Ownership of the rights: all moral and patrimonial rights of intellectual property relating to the contents and information on the CERTrating Site belong to GCSEC, with the exception of the rights of third parties, for which GCSEC has obtained the necessary rights or licenses.
The rights conferred to the User using the CERTrating Site and the tool provided by GCSEC do not imply any license or right or authorization to use or exploit any part of the CERTrating Site.

5.4. All elements (trademarks, design, texts, hypertext links, logos, images, videos, software, screens, databases, codes, etc.) in the CERTrating Site or on the associated sites are protected by national and international intellectual property laws. These elements remain the exclusive property of GCSEC and / or its licensors.

5.5. Penalties: users acknowledge that failure to comply with the provisions of this article 5 constitutes a violation punishable by civil and criminal national and international legislation.
The rights explicitly not granted in use through the Site are reserved.


6.1. Within the limits set by the applicable law, GCSEC does not provide any explicit or implicit guarantee, in relation to the Site with regard to the quantity, quality and suitability with respect to the results produced by the questionnaires. GCSEC cannot even guarantee the identity and truthfulness of the data entered by users, without errors.

6.2. In any case, GCSEC reserves the right to suspend, interrupt, modify and immediately remove reported contents of any errors in the use of the tool. In this way the User contributes to the improvement of the service offered.

6.3. The GCSEC as owner of the tool, expressly invites users to communicate problems related to the use of the tool, intervening with Users promptly.
Similarly, despite the efforts made by the site manager and to guarantee correct information, the GCCSEC does not promise that information provided will be accurate and complete, with the ability to modify its content without a prior notice, subsequently communicating it to the User.


7.1. The User may publish on the Website, in addition to the identification data necessary for the conclusion of the contract, a further series of information on a voluntary basis.
Among these: uploading the company logo provide an implicit acceptance of use and non-exploitation of the brand and logo.

7.2. With the publication or the upload, the User becomes autonomous Holder of the material of which he is the author and the only responsible for such contents.

7.3. For these reasons, the User is expressly forbidden to publish illegal, slanderous, defamatory, encrypted or malware-containing material intended to damage, interfere, intercept or appropriate any system, information or data or in any way violate the laws and / or is offensive (this is a non-exhaustive list of prohibited conduct).

7.4. In such cases, GCSEC reserves the right to terminate access to the Site and / or App without prior notice and to delete the data provided.

7.5. The GCSEC also does not assume any responsibility towards subjects damaged by the contents published by Users. The user undertakes to compensate the injured party and indemnify GCSEC for any loss, damage or claim.

7.6. In the case of the violations described, the GCSEC will cooperate with the competent law authorities providing them with all useful information for the purposes of justice.


8.1. GCSEC does not offer guarantees of any kind in relation to the Contents of the Tool or the services and / or “actions” recommended by the tool itself, therefore, GCSEC does not guarantee that Users will be satisfied with the tool offered through the CERTrating Site.

8.2. Use of the CERrating Site: Due to the specific nature of the Internet, GCSEC does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the CERTrating Website or continuity of the service, the only obligation of GCSEC is to make a reasonable effort in this regard.
GCSEC will not be liable for any failure to access the CERTrating Site or for any damage or loss arising from the use or non-use of the CERTrating Site or its contents, except as provided by law.

8.3. Contents, information, local pages and, in general, all contents on the CERTrating Site are provided "as they appear" without expressing or implying guarantees of any kind.

8.4. GCSEC cannot physically verify the accuracy of information collected and / or provided by users. Users agree that GCSEC cannot be held responsible if Users fail to use the service and / or advice offered by the Tool. The software settings in real time depend in part on the information provided and / or recorded and may not correspond to reality. Thus, Users acknowledge and accept that GCSEC is not responsible for canceled questionnaires (for any reason).

8.5. Guarantees and compensation of Users: Users guarantee that they are fully familiar with the features and limitations of the Internet. In particular, they recognize that it is impossible to guarantee that the data sent by Users through the Internet are entirely secure. GCSEC cannot be held responsible for any accidents resulting from this data transmission. In any case, GCSEC undertakes to guarantee the necessary information security requirements. GCSEC is not liable for damages resulting from Servers compromise on which CERTrating Software is installed.

8.6. In any case, Users explicitly acknowledge and agree to use the CERTrating Site at their own risk and under their responsibility.

8.7. Notification and removal of illegal content: All Users can notify a complaint or an objection relating to illegal elements or content posted on the CERTrating Site.

8.8. If a User believes that elements or contents posted on the CERTrating Site are illegal and / or in violation of copyright, they must inform the GCSEC via email info@gcsec.org and indicate in the subject "contents removal" and including all the evidence available to support of ownership of rights, if any. Once this procedure has been carried out and after verifying the accuracy of the information, the GCSEC will act promptly to remove the illegal content.

8.9. GCSEC will not be responsible for:

  • documents or incorrect data due to errors provided by the User, concluding that he is the only person responsible for the correct insertion;
  • any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made by third parties of the documents made available;
8.9.1. Force majeure: GCSEC cannot be held responsible for the failure or late fulfillment of its obligations, due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Owner due to force majeure events or, in any case, to unforeseen and unforeseeable events and, in any case, independent.
The fulfillment of the obligations by the Owner will be considered suspended for the period in which events of force majeure occur.
The Holder will perform any act in his power in order to identify solutions that allow the correct fulfillment of his obligations despite the persistence of events due to force majeure.

8.9.2. The foregoing disclaimers leave the users' rights provided for by the law unaffected.


GCSEC cannot guarantee the absence of viruses (malware) on the Site while providing all the appropriate measures to prevent this from happening. The User is therefore warned that the activity via internet and IT tools is risky for those who use it and accept the risk of being subjected to attacks and / or viruses.


GCSEC reserves the right to transfer this tool to third parties in whole or in part, at any time without the need for the prior consent of the User.
The user, on the other hand, will not be able to assign any rights and obligations deriving from the contract to third parties without the prior consent of GCSEC even in the case of modification of the site manager.


11.1. Applicable law: all claims and disputes that may arise in relation to or under these Site Terms will be regulated and interpreted pursuant to Italian law.

11.2. Jurisdiction: any dispute arising from these Site Terms regarding non-consumer users will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of Rome court. In the event of a dispute arising from these Site Terms concerning users, they may refer to Rome court.
The user, pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, expressly approves the following articles: Art. 2 (Access and Conditions), Art. 5 (Intellectual property and license for use); Art. 6 (Warranty Exclusion); Art. 7 (Publication of contents); Art. 8 (Limitations of liability); Art. 9 (Link and Malware); Art. 10 (Transfer); 11 (Applicable law and Jurisdiction).


If one or more terms and conditions of this contract is declared invalid or ineffective, in whole or in part, invalidity or ineffectiveness will only affect this clause remaining the rest of the contract.
The failure execution by the GCSEC under the contract should not be interpreted in the sense of renunciation of the same.
This contract represents the entire agreement between parties in relation to its subject and replaces any other previous oral or written agreement with the same object.


For any information about the use of the Site and these Terms of Use, please contact the Global Cyber Security Center GCSEC:

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